We Go To Pikes Peak 2019! Part Two

Here Dai is clearing the last turn before the timing traps. The Evasive car is a beautiful sight!

We got in three runs before time was up and the mountain was opened for tourists.  The good news was that we were very fast, 2nd in class and 7th overall! Things were looking good for us! We were in good spirits as we headed back down to the Evasive Team house.


I made my now famous Queso dip. It was a big hit with the guys and they wanted it every day afterward!

The recipe is very simple and delicious.

1x Can of Dension Chili with no beans

1x Brick of cream cheese

1x Container of fresh pico de gallo

1x Bunch of green onions

Heat chili in a sauce pan and bring to a low boil, add cream cheese and stir till mixed in.  You can add some grated cheddar if you want like a half cup at this point but it’s not necessary.  Pour mixture in a bowl and top with diced green onion and pico de gallo.  Serve hot with corn chips.  You can also garnish with chopped sweet white onions too.


Cooking something fast to feed a hungry crew right off the mountain was a challenge but I was up to it.  We also had fun with egg cooking contests.  Mike Chang can cook amazing eggs!


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