We Go To Pikes Peak 2019! Part Two

From my vantage point, I could see as well as hear that Dai was flying! This part of the course was smoother and our repaired underbody aero was working quite effectively.  We had raised the ride height slightly but the aero was working good and from the smooth burble I was hearing you could tell the traction control was working well.

The last part of today’s course is tight with lots of switchbacks and hairpin turns. We had worked to make the car not understeer in these difficult low speed turns with suspension and differential tuning. The traction control had to allow for some tail out here as well.  The car did well here but now we know, there is more time to be had here with more differential tuning.  We will do this for next year if we get some sponsors to get us here!

This part of the course had been cleared of snow just prior and you could see where the snowplows cut through in several places. The pavement in the shade is very cold, in the 20-degree range and it is a struggle to maintain heat and pressure in the tires.  I had never experienced this sort of stuff before!  This was making it really hard to figure out a good starting pressure tire warmers or not!  I have pages of notes just on tire pressure from this event.

Dai crosses the finish line just below the Devils Playground, you can see where the timing system wires are cut into the pavement here.


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