Whiteline S550 Ford Mustang – Introduction and Initial Testing


The first round of mods to the Whiteline Mustang will be, for the most part, cosmetic in order to be able to collect acurate baseline data. The stock steel hood was replaced with a lighter carbon fiber hood from Anderson Composites. Anderson Composites is a new Southern California-based company that specializes in carbon fiber products for late model domestic cars. We were really impressed with the fit, finish and overall quality of the parts supplied by Anderson Composites for the Whiteline Mustang.


The GAS technician removing the wood pieces from the Anderson Composites hood that were installed at the factory. This ensures the potentially vulnerable corners of the hood are not damaged during shipping.

Here’s a short video documenting the hood installation process:



The Anderson Composites hood has a nice looking carbon weave that is not distorted at the edges. This usually happens when the carbon cloth is laid over bends and complex curves, and it is noticeable on lower quality cabon products.

It takes a lot of carbon manufacturing experience and good quality control for the weave to be as straight as it is on the Anderson Composites pieces. The hood’s finish is glossy and devoid of ripples typical of lower cost carbon parts. The gaps around the fenders were tight and consistent like an OEM metal hood.


With the hood mounted on the car, the next step was to install the Anderson Composites front splitter.

The Anderson splitter is a combination of a traditional lip spoiler with a small integrated splitter. Since splitters are very effective aero devices but are also very prone to damage, Anderson Composites kept the splitter small enough to be driveable on the street. Looking at the design of the part, it should work decently to reduce front end lift at speed.

To install the splitter, the OEM undertray or belly pan must be removed in order to remove the small vertical spoiler under the car (see pic above). It gets in the way of the carbon splitter. Don’t worry, the Anderson Composites part is more effective than this, and you won’t miss it.


With the OEM lower spoiler removed, the Anderson Composite splitter can be raised into place.


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