Whiteline S550 Ford Mustang – Introduction and Initial Testing


Rear brakes feature 13″ rotors, which are also vented, with a single piston floating caliper.


To give the brakes a more sporty look, DBA 4000 slotted rotors were used front and rear. You can see the temperature indicating paint on the lower left hand corner of this image.

The DBA rotors are the same dimensions as stock but the slots help with initial bite and help keep the brakes working consistently as they allow vaporized pad material and dust to escape the pad contact patch under hard braking.

Like most brake rotors, DBA rotors are made of grey cast iron, but DBA’s iron alloy uses has a higher level of carbon with a 25% higher strength than the typical iron used for rotors. This is a superior iron for rotors that have a high surface hardness, crack and warp resistance and a good tolerance for rapid changes in temperature.


Stock front rotor removed. You can see it is vented, but the DBA rotor’s unique Kangaroo Paw venting system will improve heat management and pad effectiveness.

DBA rotors feature their unique Kangaroo Paw pillar vane internal construction. The Kangaroo vanes give more support to the surface of the rotor allowing for the friction surface of the rotor to be stiffer under high temperatures than conventional vanes. This gives both better pedal feel and more consistent brake action, and the braking surface stays flatter against the pads. The multiple individual pillars have more internal surface area to help shed heat away from the friction surface as well.

DBA rotors are also subjected to a long and rigorous heat treating process that takes over 24 hours and results in a rotor that is more resistant to warping and the effects of extreme heat.


The front DBA rotor bolts right on. There is no need to worry about which rotor goes on which side, as they are non-directional.

DBA’s rotors also come pre-marked with temperature indicating paint. The temp paint on the DBA rotors will allow us to see how hot the rotors are getting and will tell us if we need to upgrade the pads as we start building more and more speed with the future upgrades Whiteline has planned for the Mustang.


The finished brakes with the DBA rotors look pretty good!  We were surprised how this simple detail gave a nice visual touch.


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