Whiteline S550 Ford Mustang – Introduction and Initial Testing


The Anderson part is held into place using pre-existing OEM mounting locations. No drilling into a brand new car is needed!  Like the hood, the Anderson splitter fit perfectly with no large gaps or misaligned holes like you typically find in bargain basement aftermarket carbon parts.

Taking a look at the first image of the stock as delivered Mustang on page 1 will allow you to see just how aggressive the Anderson splitter/lip is compared to the stock Ford part. This allows the splitter to trap the air flow on top of it causing the flow to stagnate on top of the splitter and the front fascia of the car.

As the flow loses velocity, the energy is seen as a pressure increase on the top of the splitter. The pressure differential between the top and bottom surfaces of the splitter is what contributes to downforce.


The final body pieces to be installed by GAS were the Anderson Composites carbon fiber trunk lid and GT350R style carbon fiber rear spoiler.

Like all the Anderson Composite parts, the carbon trunk fit perfectly and was an easy bolt on. Anyone who has tried to have an easy and hassle-free installation with cheap carbon fiber hoods and trunks knows this is a rare experience!

The rear spoiler mimics the proven aero of the factory part, but in lightweight and beautiful carbon. The Anderson Composites parts not only look great, but save a substantial amount of weight. We are guessing something on the order of 40 lbs.


The fit, finish and ease of installation of the Anderson Composites hood, splitter, trunk lid and rear wing are exceptional and OEM level!


The stock exhaust is a pretty decent true dual exhaust. The stock Mustang exhaust is 2.25″ up to the resonators, then it opens up to 2.5″ into the restrictive OE mufflers. However, since we can never leave anything alone, GAS installed a Roush Performance axle back muffler upgrade.

The Roush axle back exhaust system is constructed of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel mandrel bends. Mandrel bending maintains a constant inner diameter with no kinks or crushed points improving exhaust flow. The Roush kit includes high flow, single, double wall tip, polished 304 stainless mufflers that improve the stock sound of the Mustang’s V8 engine.

This system uses all of the stock hangers and requires some modifications to install since the stock muffler sections must be cut off. A worthwhile upgrade, since it really is not fun to drive a car with a bone stock exhaust system.


The GAS Technician cuts the stock exhaust pipe with a Sawzall. The stock exhaust must be cut off at the rear section that is replaced by the Roush Exhaust.


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