Whiteline S550 Ford Mustang – Introduction and Initial Testing


The Mustang’s first round of cosmetic mods will be rounded out with a couple sets of AFF02 wheels from Ace Alloy Wheels.

Ace wheels are constructed using the flow-form technique. In flow forming, the cast wheel blank has its rim section cold formed by hard steel rollers. This gives the barrel section of a wheel much of the improved properties of forging but with a lower price.

As the rollers form the barrel, they compress the aluminum improving its grain structure and strength. The increase of strength allows for a thinner barrel section and the creation of a wheel up to 25% lighter while still being stronger than a traditional cast wheel.


GAS has all the necessary machines and tools to mount any tire on any wheel without scratching or damaging the wheel in any way.

This is not usually an issue with regular sized wheels and tires, but when you have larger wheels with low profile tires, taking your wheels/tires to experienced professionals becomes more important. (You can see all the extra plastic covered rollers on their wheel mounter to prevent scratches.)


For street use and to fill the Mustang’s huge wheel wells, 20″ in diameter wheels were selected. 20″ wheels are an option on some Mustangs from the factory, so this really isn’t that extreme.

The 20×10 Ace Alloy AFF02 wheels with a +35mm offset will be wrapped with Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar G:2 tires for daily driving duties. 285/35 in the front and 305/30 in the rear.


For track running, the Whiteline Mustang will sport Hankook RS3 tires in a wide 275/35-19 on all four corners. This is a whopping 40mm wider than stock! This will definitely give more grip.

The Hankook RS3 tires are mounted on 19×10 ACE flow formed wheels with an +35 offset. 19″ wheels were chosen for track use because there was a wider selection of track type rubber available in the 19″ diameter, and the combination would be slightly lighter reducing unsprung and rotating weight for better performance.

The Hankook RS3 is one of the stickiest tires used in enthusiast and street time attack classes. We chose to go to a square, as opposed to a staggered tire size setup. We felt that the Mustang with its front engine and limited power would tend to understeer, especially at low speeds, so we wanted to get as much rubber as possible on the front.


These hub dust covers were a nice finishing touch to the ACE flow formed wheels.


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