Xtreme Drift Circuit: Texas


GTA Texas
The crowd braved the heat for an even hotter drifting competition!  No worries- nothing like $6 sweet teas to cool you off.

Saturday’s competition decided the ladder for the Top 16 Season Finale tandem eliminations.  Here are the Top 16 drivers in qualifying order:

  1. Forrest Wang                           Nissan 240sx S13
  2. Mike Pollard                             Nissan 240sx S13
  3. Will Parsons                             Toyota Corolla AE86
  4. Dan Savage                              Nissan 240sx S13
  5. Nate Hamilton                           Nissan 240sx S13
  6. Geoff Stoneback                       Nissan 240sx S14
  7. Steve Angerman                       Nissan 240sx S13
  8. Fielding Shredder                      Nissan 240sx S13
  9. Stewart Leask                          Nissan 240sx S13
  10. Sean Guthrie                            Mustang SVT
  11. Garret Nikolich                         Nissan 240sx S13
  12. Chelsea Denofa                        BMW M3
  13. Brad Burnett                            Toyota Corolla AE86
  14. Josh Steele                             Nissan 240sx S13
  15. Jim Guthrie                             Mustang SVT
  16. Ian Trinidad                             Nissan 240sx S13
Ian Trinidad
Here are your 15th (Jim Guthrie in the Mustang SVT) and 16th (Ian Trinidad in the S13) qualifiers for Saturday's tandem eliminations.


Chelsea Denofa raises the roof prior to the season finale.


Saturday Tandem FInal Results: 

1st – Forrest Wang – GetNuts S13

2nd – Mike Pollard – Zerolift S13

3rd – Chelsea Denofa – Air Force BMW E46 M3


2012 XDC Overall Championship Results: 

1st – Forrest Wang – 449 points

2nd – Mike Pollard – 334 points

3rd – Nate Hamilton – 330 points

4th – Chelsea Denofa – 312 points

5th – Will Parsons – 300 points

6th – Stewart Leask – 296 points

7th – Dan Savage – 285 points

8th – Geoff Stoneback – 248 points

9th – James Evans – 209 points

10th – Garret Nikolich – 186 points

Texas Speedway
The day started early with the GTA event and practice and the XDC competition ended after 9pm.


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