Xtreme Drift Circuit: Texas


Anatomy of a drift:

Chelsea Denofa comes into the corner tight and taps the cone just enough to send it vertical!

Chelsea DenofaChelsea Denofa
Chelsea DenofaChelsea Denofa

Points are awarded based on line, speed, angle, and style with proximity also impacting tandem runs. Check out a few sequential turns from a run between Rapper Dan Savage and Garret Nikolich:

Nate Hamilton gets aggressive with his angles in his wildly painted S13 against Stewart Leask's LS1 swapped S13:

Classic Drift: Will Parsons qualified third in the tandem competition Saturday.  His Toyota Corolla AE86 has a 4AGZE with Biagio T-3 turbo with Custom Secret Services turbo kit and downpipe. His engine management is Megasquirt.


That's some Sikky drifting!  The Kenda Tires Sikky S14 piloted by Geoff Stoneback, that is. 


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