Xtreme Drift Circuit: Texas


Like I mentioned, XDC teamed up with HIN to bring a show to the track too.  Sometimes that's the only time these cars will ever see a track!!!

Those are some pretty tall bowling trophies!


Dallas is only about 5 hours away from any surf…


Swirly paint job- +10 points?Interesting choice of license plate…


It was a bonanza of Jotec GT-R's.


HIN Texas Motor wek sos hella fail civic
Rumor has it they used this civic's front end to sweep the hard parking lot of any debris. This thing scraped at least 3 times as it passed us on nearly ruler flat ground. 
Gratuitous shot of “Dirty Diana” (no really, she called herself that) for anyone who stumbled across this site looking for those other mags! Yes, this is as close as we got to “that action” as this shot was taken from the track during the top 16 battle. 

The weekend featured some great grassroots drifting competition and the fans loved it! With all of the debate regarding the introduction of V8's into drifting, the sheer number of V8 powered cars and swaps was pretty eye opening. One thing for sure is that regardless of what is powering the cars, the fans are powering the sport. We look forward to seeing more from XDC in 2013; catch my drift? 

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