$20,000 at Stake: The Speed Ring by Motovicity!


With a time of 1:03.499 Richard Boake captured the grand prize. On Sunday, he was running even faster when he went four wheels off and was disqualified. Photo courtesy of Ken Cox, M1 Concourse.
Can-Jam Motorsports has been building amazing rally cars for years. They have fielded some awesome road race and time attack Subarus that are better known north of the border – that's changed now. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Congratulations to Richard and the Can-Jam Team. Not only did they capture the fastest time of the weekend, but they captured the track record, which was unofficially standing at 1:04.780 and set by a Radical. With GridLife's timing equipment set up and in place at M1 Concourse, the 1.03.499 is an official and locked down time. We're looking forward to seeing what's next! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Crowd favourite Cole Powelson and the Lyfe Motorsports' Nissan GTR. This powerhouse team was looking to repeat their 2016 victory. Alas, it was not to be in 2017. Photo courtesy of Ken Cox, M1 Concourse.
This just wasn't the weekend for Powelson and the Lyfe GTR. Saturday's running was severly limited by an oil line failure which meant a great reduction in track time. Sunday saw the car leave the track at about 135 mph when Cole experienced complete brake failure after a brake sensor seal failed. Fortunately, he was okay! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Always an intense competitor, not to mention a simply awesome car, we're all looking forward to seeing Powelson and the Lyfe Motorsports GTR back out on the track soon. No question about it, that pylon had the ride of its life! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Suprised that the Can-Jam Subaru captured the 20K ahead of the Lyfe Motorsports GTR? Don't be. The last time these two cars were competing together they finished in the same order.

For many of our MotoIQ readers, your shock that this unknown team from north of the 49th parallel defeated the Lyfe Motorsports Nissan GTR is almost palpable. There has been some discussion that the M1 Concourse, which is very tight and a short overall length, was better suited to the Subaru and simply did not allow the GTR to reach its full potential. Allow us to point out that this is not the first time these two cars have faced off against each other and, in their first meeting, the Can-Jam team came out ahead there too. Both cars ran in the Unlimited Class at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2016 with Boakes finishing 22nd overall with a time of 10:36.999 and Powelson finishing 31st with a time of 10:57.007. Short or long course, this is an incredible car. This Canadian team and driver have absolutely put in years of effort to get to this point – simply not in the spotlight that has brought them to your attention. Time Attack with CSCS; wheel to wheel with Castrol Canadian Touring Car (CTCC), and tons of carting. Just a bit of history to illustrate that this Speed Ring victory has been well earned. Hopefully soon we can take an in-depth look at this Can-Jam STi known as Black Storm, which could be considered the big brother to this Can-Jam built STi featured in MotoIQ a couple of years ago!

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