$20,000 at Stake: The Speed Ring by Motovicity!


Brian Faessler ran in Unlimited RWD where he put down a 1:06.247 run on the first day. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Eric Naumann's #186 Mustang running in StreetMod with a Day 1 time of 1:14.883. Photo Credit: Ken Cox, M1 Concourse.
Matt Jensen in the #15 Corvette running in TrackMod. He ran a 1:14.758 on Day 1, however, on Day 2 had the bad luck of lining up against Richard Grossi in the second round of the Touge Battle. Photo Credit: Ken Cox, M1 Concourse.
Drivers sharing track notes, discussing turn in and braking points, getting ideas … everyone was in the same boat here. This was a new track and everyone had it learn it quickly. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
There's nothing quite like seeing a lineup with three amazingly fast and well-prepped cars heading to grid row. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
That's Anish Ramrakhyani's very clean Honda S2000 preparing to take the track in StreetMod. I believe that is Shawn Krebsbach following. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Chris Bickford and his Evo X lined up for some StreetMod action. Photo Credit: Motovicity.

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