$20,000 at Stake: The Speed Ring by Motovicity!


Brian Lounsberry, Motovicity's President and CEO, pitched the idea of The Speed Ring to his team, viewing it as a great opportunity for Motovicity to bring together their clients – and non-clients – into a competition event that was unlike any other. Working with many other industry sponsors – like Vibrant Performance and ARP – in 2017 this event planted its roots at M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan and this may be home to The Speed Ring for future events. Also new in 2017, Motovicity teamed up with GridLife to pull off this event. Both organizations realized the value of ensuring that this was a unique competition event and that it had to be unique and not a clone of other events. That was accomplished.


M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan is a new track that is certainly making its mark. They had a large area for vendors and track participants that will be even better moving ahead. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
There were a range of cars and a fantastic spectator group to watch the events. The highlight was undoubtedly the Touge Bracket Racing. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
There was even a Show and Shine event! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
MotoIQ readers will be very familiar with Aaron Weir's Honda CRX 2000 (did we mention it's turbocharged! And RWD!) on the left. Front and centre is another car familiar to you, Will Au-Yeung's Acura RSX. Time Attack fans will realize that Will's Vibrant Performance Civic was not at The Speed Ring, as it was packed into a container ship and on the way to World Time Attack in Sydney, Australia. The third Vibrant Performance car, new to our pages, is the shop car – an EG Civic with a 1.8 GSR drivetrain. Sharing the driving duties at The Speed Ring were Jay Thornton and Greg Lister. By the way, when you call Vibrant Performance for Technical Support you're likely going to be talking to one of these guys! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
This very sharp Nissan 350Z is LS powered – and has lots of areo to go with it. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Savanna Little took this Nissan 350Z to third place in Unlimited RWD on Saturday. On Sunday she was put out of competition by Andy Smedegard. Photo Credit: Motovicity.

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