$20,000 at Stake: The Speed Ring by Motovicity!


Unbeatable in TrackMod throughout the event was Richard Grossi in his Alpha Motorsports Subaru STi. Richard is the CSCS SuperStreet AWD champion. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Richard Grossi and his Subaru STi, from Canada, was the TrackMod AWD winner on day 1 with a 1:10.090 and was into the 1:09's on day two as he captured the overall TrackMod winner during Sunday's Touge events. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Tony Fuentes' BMW 135i is well known to MotoIQ readers. He ran a 1:10.499 to finish second in Track Mod RWD behind Jason Harding's Corvette running a 1:10.436. Tony settled that battle in a head to head touge with Jason, in which he came out the victor. He simply didn't have the time to catch Canuck Richard Grossi's AWD Subaru STi! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Cody Miles in his Air Lift Performance Subaru STi! He placed second in the AWD Time attack competition with a time of 1:11.548 and, finding even more time during the Touge, moved forward until he was defeated by Richard Grossi who then went on to capture the podium top spot for TrackMod's Touge battles. Personally, this author is incredibly impressed with Air Lift products and has them on his E450 RV. We need to find out more about this car and its suspension system! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Chris Boersma finished with the second fastest time across all platforms in the time attack competition with a time of 1:10.412 however, during the Touge bracket race, lost out to Tony Fuentes. Mechanical gremlins pounced upon Chris and the K-Tuned Civic as his 4th gear bit the dust – there simply was not time to swap in his back up unit. Next year, Chris! There is a lot of background here on MotoIQ about this incredible driver and the Civic that he has built. Photo Credit: Ken Cox, M1 Concourse.

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