$20,000 at Stake: The Speed Ring by Motovicity!


The M1 Concourse is a private course with opportunities for the public to access it. The 9 corner and 1.5 mile long track is tight and technical, challenging the drivers as they seek to hone their skill.
Here's a view of the track from inside Chris Boersma's Honda Civic as he is running one of his hot laps.

The track is new, with M1 Concourse just opening as a private course in the summer of 2016. Like The Speed Ring, there are opportunities for the public to access this road course without the need for a membership. Built on the site of a former GM assembly plant. This 1.5 mile long course is unique in that it is built in the heart of Motor City on an 87 acre property. By my count, the track has 9 corners, there is a location for a huge outdoor event area and skid pad, and it is designed to have condo garages available for members to purchase and situated about the track grounds. The road course itself is known as the Champion Motor Speedway and features include 1.5 miles, 30' wide, 25' of elevation change, and the track can be run in either direction.

Designed by Martyn Thake, the Speed Ring drivers were impressed by the technical requirements that this tight course demanded. Bordered by Woodward Avenue, the track is located in a hot bed of racing history. I mean, doesn't everyone remember stories of drag races that took place on Michigan 1 or Woodward Avenue back in the day. That section of highway from Detroit to Pontiac is infamous, with that racing heritage reflected in the name M1 Concourse. This course has a lot of potential for development – and very suitable in a marketplace known for a love of automobiles.


Notice here that the background is single family homes. Go back through the article and as you look at the background you will see a very diverse setting. Industrial buildings, green space, and single family homes. Talk about unique! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
The weather was fantastic for racing and even better for the spectators who found the action at The Speed Ring held at the M1 Concourse to be spectacular. Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Vendors, Spectators, Racers, and enthusiasts were all looking forward to the Touge challenges! Photo Credit: Motovicity.
Huge thanks to Motovicity Distribution for organizing this event and to Vibrant Performance, ARP, and all of the other sponsors for supporting this incredible event. Here's looking forward to 2018's event! Photo Credit: Motovicity.

That is a quick overview of The Speed Ring with a focus upon the cars that ran near the top in the Touge Bracket Racing. For the top three of each platform in each division, click on The Speed Ring link just below for those times and names. Did you miss The Speed Ring this year? Plan for it next year. And, if you are overseas, start looking into booking your shipping container now so that you will be ready. The North Americans are ready for you!


Thanks to Brett Kinsfather, Curtis Schabath, and Austin Cabot for their incredible help with this article. Also, to James Houghton and Chris Boersma who answered all of my sometimes trivial questions.

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