Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 3

Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 3

by Mike Kojima

We have been following the Stoptech’s team build of their NP01 in the MotoIQ Megashop for the past quarter. Although we stretched out the coverage for editorial scheduling, the actual build took about a month. Although the NP01 can be built relatively quickly as a multi-weekend project, we are showing the right way that Stoptech is going about it to build a first class, reliable NP01 that is going to win some races.

We left off with the car being almost a roller with just a few more details to attend to before it is ready to hit the track for its first shakedown.

Check out our driving impressions of the NP01 press car.

To read about how the build of our car started check this out!

Part two of putting it all together look at this!


The Stoptech NP01 was starting to look less like two crates of parts and more like a racecar. At this point, it was only about a week away from being done.

One of the most important improvements that Stoptech made was to upgrade the wiring to a mil-spec harness using Raychem wire, loom, and heat shrink tubing.

The large majority of mechanical issues that cause DNF’s in a racecar are caused by plumbing and wiring. To reduce the chances of that happening, Stoptech spared no expense in working to odds in their favor!


Deutch Connectors are used on the wire harness throughout the car for super reliable connections and quick release maintainability.

Here is a view of the locked program AEM Infiniti ECU.


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