MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown Presented by KW


Being the very first event of its kind the obvious question is, what exactly is the MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW? Simply put, it is the anti hard-parking car show. Here at MotoIQ we build fast cars, love fast cars and want to see/drive nothing but fast cars. We’re not exactly the car show going type either, but thankfully neither are our fans. So we wanted to create an event that would allow like-minded gearheads to display their builds and, most importantly, prove they are more than just good looking cars. This would require combining elements of a car show, car meet, track-day, and autocross. A pretty tall order no doubt, but thanks to the inaugural round of The Drift League at Irwindale Speedway the perfect opportunity presented itself.

That perfect opportunity being the chance to piggy-back on our drift competition’s efforts. We now had a race track for our participants and we could keep the entry costs reasonably low!

The “car show” element of the Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW consists of a simple points deduction system. Everyone starts with the same base score, but points are taken away for items such as:

  • Knockoff parts
  • Lack of functionality (ex. unnecessarily huge and unbalanced aero, dumb wheel offsets, excessively low)
  • Shoddy wiring/fabrication

So this allows your build to stay simple, or even stock, and still be able to compete for a podium spot. Which leads us to the most important part of the Hellafunctional Showdown, the Super-G Challenge!


We designed our Super-G course with specific elements in mind.  What we wanted was a true test of a car’s performance in all aspects of driving. To win, your car has to have the ultimate in performance balance.


The Super-G Challenge course will put your car through various performance driving elements. First, it has to launch at the start and put down a good 60 foot time just like a drag car. Then it has to handle high-speed large radius corners like a road racer when it goes through the big banks of the Irwindale Speedway oval. It is then followed by a series of tight hairpins, like an autocrosser, which include medium-speed, medium-radius turns. All which will require braking into them and accelerating hard out of them. Finally, it has to slam to a stop in a minimal distance and with maximum control in the stop-box.

To add an element of excitement to the Super-G Challenge course, participants run the course alongside a fellow competitor who runs the opposite side of the course simultaneously!


Coming off the oval really puts a lot of stress on the suspension and brakes and if not taken correctly, it can really hurt lap times by scrubbing a lot of speed.


The Super G starts with two cars lined up side by side. Once the starter lines both cars up, the signal is given and both cars attack the course at full speed. Once completed they line up again, but this time facing the opposite direction so they can take on the other side of the course.


All participants who want to run the Super-G Challenge are required to pass a basic tech inspection. Forms are provided at the track for all the drivers and the MotoIQ staff handles the tech inspection…while giving the cars a thorough look over for any point Hellafunctonal Showdown deduction items. Once tech is passed the drivers receive their tech stickers to apply to their windshields. Participants at this point can just relax until the drivers’ meeting.


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