Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 1


Sonny was also trained in the art of Toolbox which is a massively configurable data analysis tool. This is just a screenshot of a workbook (template) that I use after a pass on a chassis dyno or power test on the engine dyno. With the right inputs, Toolbox can draw track maps, do spatial x/y graphs, bar graphs, min/max charts, or virtually anything else you’d want to help you analyze data.

Also in MST was this EVO IX they were building for a Chinese touring car series and the Macau Grand Prix.

That is what I call weight reduction.

The more the merrier. MST is fabricating thin fiberglass sheets to clean up the factory sheet metal removal.

A Drenth sequential 6 speed gear box will be used for this EVO IX. Also a Cosworth CNC head, Cosworth SWB camshafts, ECPro, and ECPro dash are going to be used. The strain gauge built into the shifter (above) will actuate a gear cut strategy in the ECPro for flat foot upshifts and quicker downshifts.

The Drenth gearbox case casting looks pretty damn nice. It reminds me of a high end British casting.

This is part of the Drenth gear set. I believe it’s the part that controls gear selection. It appears to be made of a high strength heat treated steel and was CNC machined. This car will also be using some Brembo monoblock GT brakes with carbon ceramic rotors (not pictured). I suspect I’ll be writing about this car in the future because it’s going to be a pretty buff EVO.

I was born in the USA and therefore am completely Westernized. English is my first language and I use a fork better than chopsticks. I’ve experienced these types of toilets in Japan, but I can’t say that I’ve ever been comfortable with them. The hotel had legit Western style toilets thank goodness.

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