Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 1


The in house Dynapack dyno is one of my favorite chassis dynos. Being attached to the hubs means there are no traction issues and no unnecessary inertia to have to control. The result is exact speed and load control on demand.

The engine bay is tidy. Sonny built the engine with iron sleeves and a BC 83mm stroker. The heads were ported in house at MST and utilize Cosworth 278/274 Dual AVCS cams with Cosworth dual valve springs and Ti retainers. All of this breathes through an anodized gold Cosworth inlet manifold. 

One of the cool details is the JDM style pie cut turbo inlet tube. The turbo is a Garrett GT3788R and the front mount intercooler, fuel rails, and strut tower bar are all MST original parts.

The ECPro includes a base map for a stock engine with stock injectors and a stock MAP sensor, but this car had a built engine with RC 1200cc injectors and a Omni Power 4 bar MAP sensor. Fun fact for the day: it was me and my friends that gave Omniman (Steve) his nickname back in the street racing days. Anyhow, the tuning took some time since there were four maps with different boost levels, water injection, and intercooler spray to tune and setup. Needless to say, Coffee and cigarettes were plentiful. I quit the smokes, but I had plenty of coffee.

The catback portion of the exhaust and rear muffler is titanium and 90mm (3.5″) diameter. It’s a single outlet exhaust, but was surprisingly not ridiculously loud. The rear suspension arms are all Cusco and the rear sway bar is an MST original.

Here’s Sonny concentrating intensely on Caltool. When Sonny finished, the car generated 580hp at the wheels and just under 700hp at the crank at 2.0 bar of boost if I remember correctly. This was on Chinese pump 97 octane (they think it would be 93 (R+M/)2 and a 50/50 mix of meth/water with the AEM water injection system.

Once in a while R35 GT-Rs would pop in to MST for a filter install or some kind of quick mod. MST is building a reputation for Subarus, but they also build EVOs (China only has the 9 and 10 MR officially), R35 GT-Rs (they do not have BNRs officially in China), but they also do 350Z, VW Golf (extremely popular in China), and Volvos.

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