Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 1


This was my view on the way to Shenzen where the border was to crossover into Hong Kong is. Lady Gaga and some Eminem (Vincent’s favorite) was on the boomin system most of the way. The turbo is a small KKK K03 from a VW Polo I think. The blow off valve is also from the same VW and is the loudest BOV in the world I think. It blows away all the ones with the horns on them. Boost is set to just under 0.5bar.

Once back in Hong Kong, the sheer size of the dock areas is pretty crazy. The port is massive and makes the Long Beach and San Pedro docks looks small by comparison. The Hong Kong dock areas seems to go for miles.

Vincent hooked me up with his other friend Calvin who met up at the China and Hong Kong border. Calvin was nice enough to guide me all the way on bus to my hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon where I met up with Timmy, another one of Vincent’s old racing buddy friends.

Hong Kong has the feeling of a much more modern city. Even the old areas in HK, like the street pictured above, felt a bit more civilized than China. There are parts of Hong Kong that are truly ultra modern though.

I was fortunate enough to have Timmy and his friend Parco (sp?) show me around Hong Kong for the next two days. I also met up with Ivan, the owner of the black EVO at MST. Hong Kong is an awesome city and I suspect by looking at the people, cars, and fashion, that there might be more money in Hong Kong than Tokyo. What’s that mean? People have more money to spend on cars. I saw Ferraris, Lambos, E92 M3s galore, R35s galore, etc. People build their cars too and drive them in the city too it seems. Nobody drives built cars in Tokyo. In HK, I heard multiple E46 M3s and 996/997s with full exhausts idling at lights with loping idles. You don’t hear that in LA. Euro car owners in LA are WEAK.

Anyhow, more on my adventures in Hong Kong in part 2. It was quite an eye opening experience not having been there since 1987.

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