Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 1


Both the label and the taste of Tsingtao beer in China is different than the US Tsingtao. It tastes less “dirty” and was more refreshing. It reminded me of Korean OB beer actually. I was kind of worried about drinking it since it is probably brewed using local water from China, but I figured the alcohol would kill the bacteria. Fortunately I didn’t have any issues eating the local food even with my comparitively weak ass American stomach.

I drank a bunch of these Lucozades. It’s advertised as energy for your brain using glucose. It tastes like a light, less sweet Orange Crush.

At every non-Western restaurant you go to, you have to “sanitize” your own plates and utensils. This is done using the freshly boiled tea that is brought to your table. At this hot pot place, eventhough the bowls and plates came wrapped, Sonny and Vincent were like, “Na dude. Do the tea thing man.” So you run hot ass tea over all of the eating surfaces of your utensils, plates, bowls, cups, etc. and you dump it all into a big bowl. The waitress then takes the big bowl away. BTW, this hot pot place was definitely one of the top 3 hot pot meals I’ve had in my life and I’ve had a LOT of hot pot. The dog was especially good.

Traffic laws in Dongguan are virtually non-existent. The only thing people do lawfully is stop at red lights. Once the light turns green nobody gives a fuck. Pedestrians and bicyclists beware because you are occupying the potential space on the road that can be occupied by a car. You can even park whatever direction you want…anywhere.

You can even park on the sidewalk!

Building code is obviously a little different over there with a shitload of powerlines hanging out several feet away from people. We were also running the dyno up until about 3AM with some apartment buildings across the street. Finally the cops rolled up and pretended to be really mad. I could of swore he wanted cash or a carton of smokes to go away.

There are high rise buildings as far as the eye can see and new ones getting built all the time. China is blowing up like crazy.

Sonny took me to an electronics indoor swap meet that was open 7 days a week. He needed to buy a button for the push to pass. I bought some crimps for harness ground and power junctions. 10,000 crimps cost me $16. SWEET.

Just kidding about the dog above. Dongguan is a massively growing city in 2011. If it were 1960 or I was visiting some small ass village in western China that only had brown water and half a bowl of rice per person, then I might have been telling the truth about dog.

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