Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 1


MST’s work van is a what I would describe as a 3/4 scale mini van. It is locally made and sold under the Changhe brand and is powered by a whopping 1.4L 4 cylinder engine that makes 53bhp from the factory.

Oh snap: is that part of a turbo system?

Oh snap: is that AEM water injection in the Changhe?

Oh snap: is that a Bride bucket on the driver’s side and a Recaro seat from an EVO IX for the passenger seat?

Oh snap: look at the massive strip of LED dome lights!

Oh snap: a Momo steering wheel with OMP horn button and HKS boost meter!

The Changhe is rocking a 10″ sub.

I forget the brand of separates, but the Changhe has separates front and rear to complete the boomin’ system.

Notice the stickers at the top of the windshield: StopTech, AST, AEM, Zeitronix, Darton, RC Engineering, Perrin, etc. MST buys a lot of American and European parts because they are really interested in selling quality products. Sure, they have some stuff made locally I’m guessing, but they have complete quality control since they are local. It does not appear they use any counterfeit parts. None of the cars in the shop had any questionable parts. I think the little Changhe illustratest that MST is all about using quality products considering it has some better parts than some of our own daily drivers do.

Dynos are an awesome tool. After some adjustment of the water injection, the power went up drastically from massively crappy to 68.6ps at the wheels. While it doesn’t sound like much, you have to remember this thing only made 53ps at the crank from the factory so you’re talking probably around a 25ps increase in power which is almost a 50% gain from factory.

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