Building the FR-S FA20 engine with Stay Crushing, Building the Cylinder Heads With Portflow Design


In this close-up photo, you can see where the cutter removed the dyechem.  You can also see the perfect, smooth continuous radius from the combustion chamber to the perfectly concentric valve seat. Then the perfect, smooth continuous radius to the port.  There are no turbulence creating sharp edges.
The Newen CNC cutter is smoother, faster and more consistent than any human.
Look at the more perfect, than perfect valve job and port blending!
Portflow’s valve job will give guaranteed gains in flow.  In most engines, a good performance valve job makes the biggest single flow gain of any single head modification and the ones done by a Newen machine are currently the best possible.
Since we were going to use a performance MLS head gasket we decided that we needed the smoothest possible deck surface as an MLS gasket demands a very smooth and flat deck for the best sealing.

Portflow finished off our head with their Serdi head surfacer.  The Serdi gives a super fine surface.

Our heads are now ready for some more work back at the MotoIQ Megashop.

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