Building the Nissan VQ37VHR!

To run from the main tubes to the filters, Z1 provides filter adapters, silicone couplers and molded valvecover vent tubes.

The difference between Z1’s street and race intakes is that the race intake uses a larger filter with a velocity stack.  The front bumper reinforcement has to be modified slightly to get the larger filters to fit but its not that big of a deal. Although the Z1 intake has the capacity to flow a lot more air than stock, it can still be run without re-tuning the ECU.  Although re-tuning will produce the best power output.

Stay tuned, in our next installment we do some machining tricks on the block, ad some interesting mods to the heads and VVEL system and assemble our engine!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Jim Wolf Technology

Z1 Motorsports

K1 Technologies

King Bearings

JE Pistons

WPC – Metal Surface Treatment


  1. Interesting – I’d always wondered what the limits would be on those. I feel like the valve actuation system is really cool for at least OEM power goals.

    1. The biggest issue is oil temperature on track. They make great street motors; but a VQ35HR head is going to be the better option for extended high RPM use.

  2. What’s the pros and cons of keeping the MAF sensors compared to using a MAP sensor in this application? (I’m assuming an aftermarket ecu will be used)

      1. ECUTEK is pretty versatile for what it is. I think it is the best option for OEM our of the few pieces of software out there.

  3. Can you direct me where to buy this particular spec of JE pistons and rings set please? I couldn’t find it anywhere on JWT or JE website. Cheers

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