Building the Ultimate Turbo Small Block Chevy Part 2, The Making of 1100 Hp!


The engine uses Kinsler Monster ITB’s for an induction system.  Fuel is supplied by Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors driven by a Motec M880. The equal length turbo headers were built with 321 stainless using tubing and flanges from Burns Stainless.  Burns also supplied the short merged collectors.  Burns collectors help quicken spool and broaden the powerband.  The turbo headers, and downpipes were built by John Russakoff of JSP fabrication in record time.  It is a pity to cover them in thermal wrap!  SPD Motorsports built the intake manifold plenum for the ITB’s as well as all the charge piping.
The super Chevy gets pressurized by twin Garrett GTX3576R turbos. These turbos feature Garrett’s super efficient billet GTX compressor wheels, low friction and fast spooling ball bearing center sections and low backpressure GT turbines with an .82 A/R exhaust housing. The GTX turbos feature a ported shroud compressor housing to reduce surge and a free flowing 4″ inlet. The GTX turbos deliver a lot of power and little lag at very low boost levels.  Boost pressure is controlled by twin Turbosmart 40mm Compgates.  Turbosmart wastegates were chosen due to their very compact size. As you can see there is very little room and the smallest in the industry Compgates allowed nearly ideal wastegate placement in this tight area while still offering excellent flow. With all stainless investment cast construction, a stainless control valve and a silicone nomex diaphram the Turbosmart wastegates have been reliable even with the very high EGT’s and super high underhood temps the engine sometimes develops.  The Compgate’s V-band mounting and rotating top gave us the mounting flexibility needed in this application.  The wastegates dump through holes in the hood and flames can often be seen spouting from them.
SPD Motorsports modified a Greddy R35 GT-R intercooler to fit with new end tanks.  A Griffin Performance aluminum radiator handles the cooling chores.  A rear mounted radiator was planned but the team ran out of time during the construction of the car.
A better flowing intercooler arrangement was planned using twin intercoolers and smooth merged charge pipes but time ran out during the build and the team had to fabricate this more simple charge pipe and intercooler arrangement when the ordered custom heat exchangers never arrived.
Twin Turbosmart Race Port Blow Off Valves were used due to their high flow, compact size and light weight.  The rotatable cap allowed good mounting flexibility and simplified vacuum line routing.
MSD coils are fired by a Motec CDI box.  Keeping the ignition parts cool has been problematic during the car’s development but was solved before the New Jersey Round by judicious use of heat shielding and venting the hood.

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