Chasing the F-Wing: How Spoon Sports USA Beat the FWD Unlimited Record


Chris had to modify the radiator inlet pipe to make room for the new charge pipes.  He was also repositioning the radiator for better cooling so things had to get moved around.  We will get more into that in a sec.
The clocking of the compressor and turbine housings had to change and fittings for the coolant and oil had to be added.
A Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate was selected due to its excellent flow characteristics, light weight and compact sizing. The team later went to a Turbosmart 50mm Progate as the engine had so much flow, boost control was becoming an issue on the dyno.  The Progate was also installed at more of an angle to the direction of flow to improve its operation. 
The new turbo to intercooler pipe was very short with minimal bends.  The Turbosmart Race Port BOV was installed just post compressor instead of near the throttle which is more optimal because the intercooler to throttle body pipe is so short that the BOV would simply not fit. The Race Port BOV is the highest flowing BOV in the Turbosmart lineup while also being the smallest, lightest and most compact. 
The current intercooler and radiator were judged to be of sufficient sizing for adequate cooling so the goal was to make better use of the airflow through the front of the car to improve cooling. Chris built ducting to direct air through the heat exchangers and into the engine compartment. He also tilted the heat exchangers forward to place them more in line with the airflow.  New water lines had to be fabricated to the relocated radiator as well. Note that bigger and heavier components are not being used, just better use is being made of what is there. 
New intercooler end tanks had to be fabricated to shorten the charge pipes to the max while still having excellent flow and diffusion through the core. 

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