Chasing the F-Wing: How Spoon Sports USA Beat the FWD Unlimited Record


A view of how the turbine gets a straight and unobstructed shot of exhaust from the header. You can also see how short, direct and simple the charge pipe is. The car is not crazy, just clean, tidy, light, simple and well though out.  The Spoon Sport Civic is obtainable and not a technological example of excess like the F-Wing was. 
The Spoon Sport USA Civic was tuned by Nathan Tasukon of Forward Motion Technologies. Nathan is the guy behind many of the top time attack, road racing and drift machines being currently campaigned. 
The results, the lower blue lines represents the car before it was decided to overhaul the turbo system.  The green lines represent the best the car did when everything was fresh at 14 psi with the T04S turbo. The red lines represents the GTX turbo at 14 psi.  As you can see the GTX turbo works quite a bit better, especially in the low mid range! If you are curious the record was set at 14 psi to reduce stress on the transmission. The transmission is currently the car's Achilles heel and the power output is being kept low to help it survive. The car is one of the lower powered cars in the current FWD game and it was interesting to see how it was one of the slower cars down the straights yet the fastest car competing in the turns. Reasonable power with great handling are this car's attributes. 
The other part of the effort is the team.  Spoon Sport USA's team consists of Dai Yoshihara as driver with some of Dai's Formula D team such as Chis Eimer and the author working on the effort.  Dai is known as one of the top drifters on the Formula D circuit and the 2011 champion. Few other people know that he is an accomplished road racer as the 2011 MPTCC champion and a driver for Spoon Sport's Japanese Super Taikyu endurance racing team. Dai's skill is a large part of what makes the car fast and what saved the effort and won the record even with a serious mechanical failure.
No one outside of the team knew that Dai was driving in a lot of pain after separating one of his ribs while messing around in go karts while in Japan two weeks prior. During the first day of Superlap Battle Dai turned 3 laps in the high 1:46.7 range on old tires, just shy of a new record while in traffic.  Dai could not get a single clean lap in without having to pass slower cars. It seemed like the record would fall, only if Dai could get a clean lap in.

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