Chasing the F-Wing: How Spoon Sports USA Beat the FWD Unlimited Record


Angling the radiator forward allows the core to receive more direct airflow unshrouded from bodywork while not opening up holes in the front end which would increase drag and reduce the effectiveness of the front splitter. 
The shrouding seals to the front of the bodywork and ensures that all of the air going in through the car's nose passes through the heat exchangers.  This improves efficiency over 50% from just having them set in the car's nose like what so many builders do and how the car previously was. 
The ultra short intake pipe is now about one foot long!  The refabricated water lines to the radiator were needed to get out of the intake pipe's way.
Everything in the engine compartment is now much more tidy and simpler with greater clearance for easier service. In the future an intake airbox that connects to the hood scoop will be built for ram induction of cold air from outside the engine compartment. 
Due to limited time before the SEMA show, etc, a short temporary exhaust to the cowl area of the engine compartment was built. In the future the exhaust will be ducted to the side of the car and introduced into the flowstream along the side of the car above the sideskirts.  
The GTX turbo installation is simple, nice and clean.

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