CRX 2000: Turbocharged & Rear Wheel Drive


As he researched this project Aaron chose to go with a Nissan S14 rear end rather than the S2000 setup that he already had. Like all car guys, he has to smile when he remembers this transaction and the fact that he came out ahead with $250 in his pocket. Another massive hole was cut out of the floor of the car. A tunnel had to be built to allow for the driveshaft. Obviously, the driveshaft itself is custom. A local heavy duty truck shop built the driveshaft with the specs Aaron provided – Honda at the transmission end and Nissan u-joint at the opposite. Extensive amounts of the floor in the rear were cut out to allow for all of the extra components that rear wheel drive requires. Here Aaron acknowledges that he had some luck supporting him. The S14 rear ends mounting points almost lined up with the CRX’s mounting points. For Aaron, almost is nearly perfect as, with a bit of creativity and fabrication, he built an adaptor that allowed the stock mounting points to be used and this kept the rear of the car true. Saving hours of time ensuring that this was the case. Obviously a significant amount of reinforcing went into the build. Two by two tubing between the axles and just under the hatch flooring, one by two tubing under the passenger seat, two by two tubing connecting those, gussets supporting each corner to ensure the strength of this build, 16 gauge flooring, and not to mention a custom fuel cell because there was no way that the original fuel tank could live anywhere in this car.


It's a busy place when you look at the back of the CRX. Drive axles simply aren't what you expect to see. The Nissan 240SX rear end, also a surprise. Aaron chose this because his research showed him it would stand up the to the punishment he expects it to face. The control arms are fully adjustable and are made by Bing, very well known in the Northeaster States and Canadian Nissan 240SX crowd via the very popular forum.

Notice the gusset in the corner. Minimal added weight but absolutely necessary to provide strength.

Solid is probably the first thought when you see the underside of the CRX. In the background you can see the custom fuel cell. A second fuel cell will likely be added to expand the car's driving range.
Centre rear you can see the adjustable Bing's 240SX control arms, the two by two tubing with corner gusset welds, and simply solid underpinnings. This article is not intended to be a do-it-yourself guide to convert your FWD to RWD, but rather to showcase some amazing fabrication.
Spherical bearings, adjustability everywhere. Seven years in process and worth every minute of the time.

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  1. good day
    I am interested in making a swap of s2000 in the body of a crx 91 SiR, I am located in Colombia.

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