CRX 2000: Turbocharged & Rear Wheel Drive


With the pump fitting on the passenger side, the tank fitting on the driver's side, and a custom built pan to provide the necessary clearance, the CRX 2000 will be ready to go! Further, faster, and most of all, with greater reliability.
A range of gauges will update the driver on the engine's conditions. These include an AEM Air/Fuel ratio indicator and a set of Autometer gauges – Fuel level, pressure, Oil pressure and temperature, Water temperature, Boost level and Voltage. The knob below the gauges is for the brake bias and the two toggle switches are for the rad fans and the electric water pump.
While function is a key part of this build, the form is certainly here also. Years back the door handles were shaved and they now operate off of a key fob. Looking in the car's cabin, you see a very tastefully appointed interior. Aaron had to get the carpet professionally made – there's no OEM carpet that would fit the CRX 2000.
Subtle and yet it screams out loud that this is a custom, one of a kind vehicle.
The back seat is fully functional, however, plans for a roll bar are in the works so expect changes here.

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  1. good day
    I am interested in making a swap of s2000 in the body of a crx 91 SiR, I am located in Colombia.

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