CRX 2000: Turbocharged & Rear Wheel Drive


We cannot get into much more on the suspension without getting up on a hoist and spending a ton of time on technical jargon (which I'm not good at), therefore, it's time to look under the hood.
Intake Manifold – custom built. Fuel rail – custom built. Rad overflow tank – custom built. OEM waterpump removed and custom CNC'd housing created. Throttle body – built by a company no longer in business. This engine bay is so cool!
Here's a closer look at this housing that replaces the OEM water pump. This engraved symbol can be seen throughout this build on a variety of parts. That's Aaron's logo!
At the bottom of the pic is the Meziere Enterprises Inc. electric water pump. Cooling is completed with an aluminum radiator built for an S2000 and, with relatively minor reworking, fits the CRX 2000 perfectly. The turbo system features a Synapse blow-off valve and a Synapse 50mm wastegate with an 8 PSI spring.
A Garrett GT35R turbocharger is mated to a custom built exhaust manifold. The manifold is connected to an exhaust that was also built in house. The car has hit 470 WHP and Aaron is aiming for 500 when fully tuned and ready for the track.

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  1. good day
    I am interested in making a swap of s2000 in the body of a crx 91 SiR, I am located in Colombia.

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