Devin’s Time Attack S2000: Continuous Improvement

Our buddies at Professional Awesome helped Devin with details of the build.

The Trackspec hood louvers are near the front of the hood. Look at a Porsche GT3RS and the location of its front hood vent. Devin’s new placement of the louvers should be better than the previous location further back.

Devin was able to use a large radius bend (i.e. low pressure drop) to get the air into the intercooler. Holding the front sheet metal air duct are some sheet metal strips mounted to tabs on the radiator. Those strips look like the aluminum ones I used for the Project S2000 oil cooler which can be easily found at Home Depot.

This beefy looking bracket helps hold the splitter. Notice the foil tape used to seal off the edges of the air duct to prevent air leakage. Every little bit helps! I’ve used similar looking tape for HVAC air ducts.

Part of the Professional Awesome aero package are their bolt-on fender louvers. The wheels and tires are a big and wide package for a S2000. The Konig wheels are 18×10.5 with a 25mm offset. The tires are Hankook TDs in 295/30/18. So much bigger than the typical track S2000 running 255/40/17. Shine Auto J’s racing fenders are need to cover the much wider wheel and tire package and ARP wheel studs hold the wheels on.


  1. The AN line going to his Accusump needs another 5-6 turns on the ferrule to actually capture the hose completely. There should be 1/16″ of a gap or less between the ferrule and hose end body. That thing is begging to blow apart with only a few threads and maybe 1/4″ of the hose captured…

  2. can you elaborate more on the choice of rotors? Do the Brypar rotors have an advantage over the Stoptech rotors, performance or $$$? Is it just the ring that bolts to the Stoptech hat or is it a Brypar hat too?

  3. I just picked up some 295/30/18 A052’s and mounted on some Advan GT Wheels – 18×10.5 / Offset +24. Unfortunately I’m told these are actually too big for the J’s Racing Fenders I have.

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