Devin’s Time Attack S2000: Continuous Improvement

The same StopTech ST40 brake setup is used as before. I’ve loved them on Project S2000 and recommend them as a first mod to anyone who tracks their S2000. The rotors are 330mm Brypar. For time attack use, Devin installed G-Loc R14 brake pads in the front and R12 pads in the rear stock brakes. If you peek at the front splitter, you can see the Professional Awesome diffusers integrated along with the additional splitter support rod.

Bigger rear fenders are required to cover the wide tires of course. The car graphics and wrap install were performed by Midwest Wrap Studios.

The swan neck rear wing setup is a Spage Sport SP012 and an upgrade from the previous old school setup.

An Accusump system makes sure there’s always oil pressure in the high G turns and a fire extinguisher is in easy reach.

The shiny bits underneath are Hasport rear diff mounts. You know, I have those on Project S2000 too; great minds think alike. To handle boost and track use, Devin had his rear diff rebuilt with a 4.10 final drive and shot peened by Team RIP Engineering. Hiding at the other end of the driveshaft is a Clutch Masters FX400 and Clutch Masters flywheel specifically designed for the K-series engine swap.

A Sparco Circuit 2 seat paired with a 6-point Racetech harness holds Devin in place.

An 8-point cage wraps around the seat. The Personal Grinta steering wheel attaches with a NRG quick release. Info is displayed on an AEM CD-5 dash and that’s paired with an AEM VDM and AIM Solo for datalogging and video. MotoIQ uses the CD-5 heavily for testing as it has really good datalogging capability.

The switch board is pretty simple. K.I.S.S. (look it up if you don’t know what it stands for).

As you can see, Devin has been busy wrenching in his garage. At first glance, the changes aren’t obvious. Once you get in closer though, the changes are significant. More engine, more cooling, and more aero. Continuous improvement is always the goal and Devin has that accomplished.









  1. The AN line going to his Accusump needs another 5-6 turns on the ferrule to actually capture the hose completely. There should be 1/16″ of a gap or less between the ferrule and hose end body. That thing is begging to blow apart with only a few threads and maybe 1/4″ of the hose captured…

  2. can you elaborate more on the choice of rotors? Do the Brypar rotors have an advantage over the Stoptech rotors, performance or $$$? Is it just the ring that bolts to the Stoptech hat or is it a Brypar hat too?

  3. I just picked up some 295/30/18 A052’s and mounted on some Advan GT Wheels – 18×10.5 / Offset +24. Unfortunately I’m told these are actually too big for the J’s Racing Fenders I have.

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