EAS BMW M4: Basic bolt-ons for one wild ride!


Earlier, we compared the outgoing V8 M3 to the new M3/M4 in performance (and we have more dynos on the last couple of pages).  Now let’s compare the M3s and M4s to the outgoing E9X M3 cars aesthetically.

Here is the F80 M3…

…and here is the outgoing E90 M3.  The E90 M3 always looked fairly aggressive for a sedan, especially when compared to its younger sibling, the 335i sedan.  But the new F80 M3 above looks even more aggressive, especially with the sharper flares around the wheel arches.

Many will also agree that the F80 sedan looks a little more aggressive than the F82 M4 coupe pictured here.  Again, most of that seems attributed to the boxier look of the F80 M3 sedan.

Remember when we were discussing the “Phoenix Yellow” color of the E46 M3 versus the current “Austin Yellow” of our featured M4?  Well, Steve and I were just talking about the similarities between the two colors when this E46 M3 rolled up inquiring about EAS’ business (honest!).  Now, you tell me.  Are these two colors not nearly identical or what?  I will admit, the E46 is ever so slightly yellower while the F82 seems to show a tiny hint of green, but it's also dirty.  On the next few pages you'll see the Austin Yellow color looks more yellow after a good wash.

In order to get a full experience of EAS’ BMW M4, I got to take it for a weekend back to my family’s area in the Inland Empire (yeah, those “909ers”).

In the following pages, you'll see more technical info on this car, more dyno graphs, and a couple of videos!

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