EAS BMW M4: Basic bolt-ons for one wild ride!


One of the new features on the E9X M3s which I noticed only hours later was the heads-up dash display you see here.  It even shows you the speed limit of the street you’re driving on.  Yes, we are about to take this turn too fast and yes I may have been driving with a big fat camera in my hands.  California has a law against that too now?

Another feature is the visual parking assist.  The wide-angle cameras around the car are remarkable.  They get such a broad view that it makes the park-assist screen look at your car from the top-down so you can see 360 degrees around you!  This shot shows me pulling into the garage.  There’s a trailer on the left, and a suburban on the right.  The color-coded alarms simultaneously go off as you get closer and closer to objects.  It’s really impressive, and you'd have to be a total moron to hit something in front or even next to you.

It’s always nice to get into a feature car and see a Valentine V1 radar detector wired in, although it doesn't seem like California cops use radar very much.  When I bring my own V1 to California, I never hear it go off.  Here in Kansas, my V1 goes off all the time.  The detector is a wonderful thing to have, at least out here, and mine has been going strong for 14 years.

Aside from the color-matched engine cover, this is what the BMW M4's S55 3.0-liter twin turbo engine looks like from the factory.

Even the cool-looking, U-shaped carbon fiber strut tower is stock.

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