EAS BMW M4: Basic bolt-ons for one wild ride!


Here’s another look at that booty.  It definitely works out.  The overall look is indeed very aggressive without going overboard.

I noticed some real cool factory features from BMW upon first glance.  First, the carbon fiber roof will never go unnoticed, and it’s a welcomed featured when cornering at high speed to keep the car planted.  The Corvette- and Viper GTS-like “bubbles” on the roof are also a nice touch, along with the signature-BMW sharkfin antenna.

Check out the factory mirrors as well.  I have no info as to how well they did in a wind tunnel but they sure look pretty neat.

Here’s a close-up of the Vorsteiner 20-in wheels, which really brings the M4's aesthetics to a whole new level when comparing it to a stock one.

Inside, the car has plenty to look at and play with.  The carbon fiber trim throughout was a very nice touch from BMW.  Let's check out some more on the next page…

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