EAS BMW M4: Basic bolt-ons for one wild ride!


These seats are also not only fully-adjustable but they are also fully backed with carbon fiber to give it the overall desired look and keep weight to a minimum.

The adjustments are pretty straight forward and very ergonomic to operate.

In order to tilt the seat forward to allow the rear passengers to get in, simply pull on this leather cord.

And, ok, if you have to ask—these seats retail for $8500.00 a set.  Try to put that on your Santa wish list.


The seats are secured by Macht Schnell seat rails, which EAS also sells (and actually owns, too!).

Driving in this Sabelt-equipped M4 was really comfortable in my 50-mile trek from Orange County to San Bernardino in traffic.  And when I decided to toss the car around a little bit in the corners, the seats fit snugly around my back and legs, where I don't move.  I was comfortable the whole time, and the seats sure added to the visual appeal every time I opened the door!

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