Evaluating the HKS Max GT R35 GT-R Coilover Suspension System


Our test subject is a low mile bone stock DBA 2014 R35 GT-R.  The DBA GT-R had a lot more attention paid to engine compartment cosmetics over the CDA.  Nissan decided to market on the hand crafted aspect of the GT-R and realized the GT-R owners would want to show off the engine. Cleaner wiring and hose routing as well as plastic finishers and engine covers were added.  A plaque with the engine builders signature was also added as a handcrafted touch (GTR engines are hand assembled by a single technician, like many other exotics).  We first had to remove a lot of the engine comportment plastic trim to access the bolts to the upper spring seat.

Howard Watanabe removes the engine compartment plastic trim to get at the shock mount.

The plug for the factory electronic adjustable shocks must be disconnected.  We will loose the auto adjusting shock, but gain shocks with a far greater range of manual adjustment.

The stock shocks are entrapped by the upper control arm and to remove them the upper ball joint must be separated to swing the shock out.  Fortunately it has a pinch bolt so no hammering and cussing is needed. Tapered studs like those found in most cars should be made illegal.

The brake lines and ABS sensor cables must be removed from the shock body as well before the top mount bolts are removed.

The HKS Max GT shock body is a little shorter than stock and can be adjusted much shorter to lower the car without losing wheel travel.  If you choose to do this make sure you take the time to remove the springs and stroke the suspension to make sure you don't run into clearance issues. Unless of course you are from the form>function crowd and just want to slam it.  Fortunately you are probably too dumb to afford a GT-R.



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