Evaluating the HKS Max GT R35 GT-R Coilover Suspension System


The new HKS Max GT is carefully lowered into place and raised through the upper control arm. Then the upper mount is bolted into place, the lower mount while the ball joint is put back into position and tightened. 

Here is the Max GT coilover before the upper arm ball joint is reattached. 

The brake lines are reattached to the shock body and all is good to go.

Here is the upper mount before the plastic covers are put back.  It's probably a good idea to do your damping adjustments before reinstalling the covers.

To get at the rear upper shock mounts you must remove the seat cushions and some of the rear interior panels.

This must be done to remove the rear parcel shelf to get at the shock tops.  As you can see this is pretty involved and it would be really difficult to adjust the rear shocks normally. Can you imagine doing all this just to adjust your damping? Driving around your $100,000 car all torn apart can be annoying as well.



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