Evaluating the HKS Max GT R35 GT-R Coilover Suspension System


The HKS Max GT rear coilover in place.

Here are the flex shaft adjusters in the car's trunk with everything assembled.  Without these you either drive with the interior of your car disassembled and still  struggle to reach the adjuster or spend at least 30 minutes to adjust the rear shocks.  The HKS flex shafts make quick adjustment a snap. Hey other shock companies, you need to take a look at this.

The front shock adjuster is a straight forward allen wrench.  The long adjuster helps reach the shock with the plastic pieces in place.

We decided that the ride height as set by HKS looked a little front high so we lowered the ride height a little from HKS out of the box setting.

Here is the stock height. 28.5″ to the top of the wheel arch.  The HKS GT from the factory is 12mm lower than stock.

Set height is 27.7″ or about 3/4″ an inch lower.  You don't want to lower an R35 GT-R more than that. Too low messes up the bump travel and the suspension geometry. 



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