Evaluating the HKS Max GT R35 GT-R Coilover Suspension System


Finally the parcel shelf is removed to access the rear upper shock mounts. 

The stock rear Bilsten shocks are are removed.  These are some of the best OEM shocks out there with a real decent stock calibration.  Most of the cheaper aftermarket coilovers are a step down from stock.

The HKS Max GT shock is a little shorter than the stock Bilstien part.  It does have a lot more adjustment options!

The HKS Max GT shock has flex drives for the rear damping adjusters.  The adjusters are attached to the shock shaft here.  This is a great time saving feature that really sets these shocks apart for the simple reason that they make damping adjustment easy.

Here is the shock flex shaft adjuster in place.

Be sure to reinstall the factory noise isolator gaskets on the top of the shock mount.



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