Event Coverage: Red Bull Global Rallycross Indianapolis


His mistake was costly. Not only did he lose any chance of snapping up the win, but Sebastian Eriksson was able to take second from Foust. GRC handed down a 3-second penalty for cutting the track to make the Joker, dropping Foust to last behind Mitchell deJong and Chris Atkinson.
For Round 2 of Lites, Race 1 was mostly tame, with Alex Keyes taking the lead at the start with Cole Keatts tailing Keyes through the 5 lap battle. Unfortunately, Keyes committed to the Joker on the final lap a bit too late, and while he crossed the finish line first, was awarded a 3-second penalty, giving the win to Keatts.
In the second of the Round 2 Lites races, Cyril Raymond took the lead at the start and never looked back. Christian Brooks would try, but ultimately fail to find a way past the Lites points leader. With two heat wins already in the bag, Raymond was simply stretching his points lead.
While the Lites races were tame, the same could not be said for Supercars. Heat 2, Race 1 started off with a bang. Tanner Foust, Steve Arpin, Chris Atkinson, and Patrik Sandell attempted a 4-wide start heading through the oval section of Lucas Oil Raceway.
Arpin was the odd man out, getting pinched between Foust and Atkinson, popping his Ford Fiesta into the air.
The collision blew Arpin’s right rear tire, though he would be unaware of the flat until….well pretty much the exact moment you see here.
Somehow Tanner was able to avoid Arpin as his Fiesta held a massive drift, sliding towards the outside wall.

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