Event Coverage: Red Bull Global Rallycross Indianapolis


But by simply being up front and avoiding the mess behind, Christian Brooks absolutely ran away with the Lites Final, easily taking the checkered flag first.
Brooks’ win moves him into 3rd in Lites points. While he is only 6 points behind Martell, Cyril Raymond is a solid 176 points clear of them both, and it is his championship to lose.  
With the bits of Lites bodywork cleaned up, the Supercars gridded up. Speed was on pole, with Foust second, and Atkinson third. A field of 9 would take the green light, with Mitchell deJong unable to make the grid. 5,400 horsepower sat at the line, popping and banging on their launch control limiters.
As expected, the VWs made great launches, but Steve Arpin was right on their bumpers!  Behind them, things got squirrely as Cabot Bigham and Patrik Sandell tangled, collecting Oliver Eriksson.  All three were able to keep it straight enough to keep going, though they bounced off each other multiple times down the main straight. The worst off however was Chris Atkinson who bogged on the start and dropped to dead last right away.
As they entered Turn 1, Sandell caught Eriksson again and turned him sideways. Ollie held the drift, but with his foot on the gas he put out a huge smoke screen, blinding the field behind him.  This allowed Ollie to straighten his Civic and power out, all whilst maintaining his fourth position.
However, the rest of the field wasn’t done banging fenders. Patrick Sandell had a run on the outside of Austin Dyne heading out of Turn 3, giving him the inside for 4. Sandell slid wide, taking Dyne with him and allowing Sebastian Eriksson to pass both of them! Cabot Bigham took a look inside of Dyne, but ultimately fell back into line.  

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