Event Coverage: Red Bull Global Rallycross Indianapolis


In the second semi, Christian Brooks dominated, despite a hard landing on his first lap over the jump. With a bit of “strategic weight savings” he was able to keep out front, despite missing a good bit of the lower front fascia.
Notice anything missing here? You’re right, there’s no VW Beetle in sight. That’s because Tanner Foust was so far ahead of the pack in Supercar Heat 3, that he was literally out of sight. Steve Arpin, having recovered from his first corner DNF in Round 2, finished 2nd, with fellow Ford driver Austin Dyne coming 3rd in front of the Hondas of the Eriksson brothers.
The final race of the qualifying heats were unkind to many cars. Mitchell deJong didn’t make it half a lap before he retired. Chris Atkinson retired after contact cut his right rear tire. Patrick Sandell looked to capitalize, but a sudden loss of power would end his race. Once again, Scott Speed took the win, followed by Cabot Bingham who finished second, simply by finishing.
Immediately after the Heats concluded, Supercars returned to the track for their Semifinals. Once again, Scott Speed utterly destroyed the competition. Chris Atkinson’s WRX at least finished within sight of the VW, but would never really threaten Speed. Of note was Mitchell deJong, who failed to start due to a terminal problem.
Steve Arpin was smelling blood and wanted to eat a VW for lunch!  Foust took the jump at the start, but slid wide as he entered the transition turn to dirt.  Arpin was able to slip inside and take the lead.
Foust, however, would not be denied.  He performed a perfect over-under to retake the lead from Arpin. Foust then took his Joker a lap later, relinquishing the lead momentarily, but forcing Arpin to take the Joker on the final lap.

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