Event Coverage: Red Bull Global Rallycross Indianapolis


With the momentum and a quicker follow lap, Foust was able to reclaim the lead from Arpin once again when Arpin took his Joker.  With the dust settled, Foust would hold his win with Arpin second and Cabot Bigham third.
Finally, we’re ready for the Finals!  Lites were first, with a total scrum bombing into the first few corners. The Lites boys kept it clean on the asphalt, but all hell broke loose the moment the field hit the dirt. Alex Keyes and Christian Brooks fought for the early lead, with Keyes taking the outside as they headed into Turn 4. However, as he made the right, Keyes overcooked it and spun out in front of the rest of the field!
Keyes attempted to get out of the way by letting off the brakes and rolling backwards, but the field had too much momentum and began to pile into his Dreyer-Reinbold prepared car.  
The only car to make it clear was that of Brooks. The rest funneled into Keyes and stopped dead. The field quickly untangled itself, but Brooks was long gone. GRC rewarded Keyes’ mistake with a disqualification.
Few cars escaped without damage. Matt Halliday was forced to retire with damage after the first lap pileup. Contact with another car caused the left rear tire of Conner Martell’s car to deflate and begin to shred his rear fender as the tire flailed away at the fiberglass bodywork. The tire would eventually cause him to retire.
Cole Keatts had knocked his flip-up front end loose, but was able to continue.  He eventually finished just off the podium in 4th, not bad considering the damage.

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