Feal Suspension 442, The Best Sentra B Chassis Shocks!: Tested on the K24 powered NX2000


It is always fantastic to be out at the track, and running the NX K24 with the Feal Suspension 442’s on Vancouver Islands Motorsports Circuit was fantastic. Photo Credit: Kyle Thomson Photography

There are so many options for suspensions systems that it is challenging to make a decision. Unless however, you have a Nissan B13 and then the choices are reduced simply because not many manufacturers support this platform. During my research on suspension setups for the NX, Mike Kojima and I had a discussion of my goals and aspirations. Mike actually brought up the limitations of my current suspension during the 2020 season while we were chatting about the article DIY Alignment: The Basic Version. From the pictures in that article, he could tell that what I was running simply was not even close to meeting the performance expectations that he knew that I had for the Nissan NX. The aero I had added literally overwhelmed the already tired suspension. I discussed the options that I was considering. That is when he mentioned Feal Suspension and connected me with Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis.

Here Christa Kojima is helping Odi Bakchis with the setup of his new kart. Odi has been involved in many different forms of racing for years. As the founder and CEO of Feal Suspension, he is very involved in motorsport. When I contacted him about the NX, his response was that if it was the B13 platform then they could build what we needed. Photo Credit: Mike Kojima

Odi Bakchis is a name that pops up frequently in MotoIQ. Odi is a professional drifter with multiple wins, numerous podiums, and a ton of experience. You will also find his name referenced in several articles relating to suspension development. You do not have to search very long to find that Odi not only knows a lot about suspensions but that he is the founder and CEO of Feal Suspension. Allow me to tell you that having a three-way email conversation with Odi, Mike, and myself was not just intimidating, it absolutely revealed how inadequate my suspension knowledge is – as these two gurus discussed what the NX required. Let’s face it, I just want to play with cars and drive cars; it was like these two were speaking Greek. And I studied the Greek language in college. 

Odi doesn’t just build Feal Suspension systems; he is out racing them! Photo Credit: MotoIQ archives.

As my ‘research’ on suspension now focused upon the range of products that Feal Suspension offered, I quickly focused upon the 442 lineup. The 443 lineup was almost immediately eliminated from my plans as this is such an exotic setup that it would be years before I mastered it. Odi described it to me as a kit that has tons of flexibility and is “usually used to their potential when you have an experienced suspension tuner with you”, and that’s not happening here. The 441 was an interesting option and the price point was very good, but I realized that it would potentially reach its limits. Thus the focus really centered on the 441+ and the 442. As I started looking at my pro and con list between the two, it was very apparent that the largest factor in favor of the 441+ was that it could be upgraded to the 442. That is what sealed it, the 2-Way 442 was the model that I selected for the NX. The Feal 442 kit is easy to adjust and allows a larger adjustment spectrum over the 441+.


  1. Easy to tell that the aero platform will be much improved, as well, in addition to improved grip afforded by the new suspension kit. Removing the front bar [i]should[/i] lead to improved traction coming out of corners as well.
    I may have missed it, but what are the specs on the new wheels? Looks like they poke a bit more, wondering if that’s leading to some scrub radius challenges, perhaps?
    The Island Circuit looks spectacular, we need some onboard video Frank!

    1. My camera game is really off right now. I have virtually no track video from the three outings that I’ve had. Yes – I was out at the track today for the final outing before the NX K24 is stored for the winter. The wheels haven’t changed – Gram Light 15×8 – but the custom LCA’s absolutely push the wheels out/forward. And I need to spend some time adjusting the rear LCA’s to pull them in better! Plus I have to adjust the rear wing. And the splitter angle is off for some reason – perhaps the antifreeze induced spin did an unknown adjustment to my splitter supports.

  2. Awesome to see this car still in action! A little sad to see the SR go, but there’s nothing better than having a track car that just works with no worries.

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