Fixing the GD WRX Fuel System with Radium Engineering and DeatschWerks

The sump assembly bolts are tightened.

Finally, the pump clamps are tightened down.

Next, the OEM fuel-sending unit and the fuel temperature sensors must be prepared for installation on the radium hanger.  First, the sender and the fuel temperature sensor are removed from the OEM hanger.

Since the radium hanger is so much wider than the OEM hanger, it has to be lowered into the fuel tank, then have the fuel level sender attached to it once it is in the tank.

The stock connector is cut off then, the supplied spade connectors are crimped in place.


  1. While it was not explicitly stated in your article, ensure you are using correct heat shrink for anything submersible. Stuff like Raychem DR25 is not ethanol/methanol safe.

  2. I like the idea and intension of the catch tank part, find it a bit small comparing to the double 340l/h pumps. On this size ist empty in les than 3 sec acceleration.
    Have you measured the restriction of the 7mm fuel lines with the two pumps tunning at idle? Normally with one pump at idle you increase it by 0.6-0.8bar at the pump compared to the fuel rail.
    Also the oem wiring was made for 6-8Amp pumps, these with the increased pressure are sucking on boost about double making 2volt drop in voltadge so loosing about 30% flow and heating the wire.

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