Fixing the Positively Horrible Worn Out Stock Ford Excursion Tow Vehicle Suspension!

The Hellwig front antisway bar is a gimougous 38mm in diameter, this is about the biggest, heaviest swaybar we have ever installed on a vehicle!  Like the rear bar, it sits in hard, wear-resistant urethane bushings.

The front bar is non-adjustable.  Hellwig bars have sturdy forged-in ends so no worrying about welds breaking here.

The end links on the OEM Excursion swaybar are weak and tend to break.  The Helwig parts are heavy-duty and should resist breaking.  They also have hard urethane bushings.

We first removed the stock rear shocks, this was easy enough.  As we suspected the OEM shocks were blown and leaking oil.

You can see how much beefier the Belltech shocks are over the stock parts.   A bigger body for more fluid capacity and a bigger piston for better damping and more bearing area.


    1. Considering they were completly gone! We replaced them with new stock parts as well as some worn out stock bushings.

  1. Looks like a solid vehicle! Is this based off the F250/350 frame I presume?

    I really dig these stock wheels that come on the Excursions and F250’s from the same era. Soo cool.

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