Fixing the Positively Horrible Worn Out Stock Ford Excursion Tow Vehicle Suspension!

Next, we pressed the urethane bushings into the new swaybar end links.  If you are doing this at home, you could use a vice.

Then we assembled the end links.  We will adjust the length on the truck.

The end links go into an existing hole in the frame.

Here is the mounting hole on the frame.  The end link length was adjusted so the sway bar would be nice and straight at ride height for maximum effectiveness.

We set the rear swaybar in the medium hole.  If you are not a super good driver who can only handle understeer we suggest putting the bar in the most forward softest position.  We found that we could actually get the big truck to mildly rotate in the middle position. We liked that.  Time for a test drive!

During our test drive, what went through our minds was WOW! our truck was transformed from a wallowy scary boat to a good-handling truck.  The ride was pleasantly firm with good control on the bumps and body roll was nearly eliminated.  At first, we found ourselves turning in too much for turns and would have to unwind the wheel as we had turned in too much.

We can say that the Belltech shocks and Hellwig antisway bars were perhaps one of the best bang-for-the-buck mods were have installed on any vehicle to date!  They actually changed our Excursion from being downright scary to being actually fun to drive!








    1. Considering they were completly gone! We replaced them with new stock parts as well as some worn out stock bushings.

  1. Looks like a solid vehicle! Is this based off the F250/350 frame I presume?

    I really dig these stock wheels that come on the Excursions and F250’s from the same era. Soo cool.

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