Fixing the Positively Horrible Worn Out Stock Ford Excursion Tow Vehicle Suspension!

The new front shock was a piece of cake to put in, one of the easiest ways to make a big improvement in your handling.

We just tightened up the bolts and were ready to rock!

Next, we removed the front swaybar.  This was pretty easy as the bolts were easy to get to and very accessible.

A few zips with the impact and off they came.

Our Hellwig front bar was 4mm bigger than the stock bar a downright girthy 38mm thick, perhaps the biggest bar we have ever installed on anything.


    1. Considering they were completly gone! We replaced them with new stock parts as well as some worn out stock bushings.

  1. Looks like a solid vehicle! Is this based off the F250/350 frame I presume?

    I really dig these stock wheels that come on the Excursions and F250’s from the same era. Soo cool.

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