Fixing the Positively Horrible Worn Out Stock Ford Excursion Tow Vehicle Suspension!

One of our tricks to avoid squeaking is to wrap the bar with Teflon tape, then greasing the bushings with silicone trailer grease.  This stops squeaking dead for many years.

The bushings are ready to install!

Our new bar goes on as easily as the stock bar came off.

Here is our front suspension ready to go.  With the heavy-duty end links, we will not have the breakage issues of the stock parts.

The rear bars require the use of this existing bracket on the rear axle.  We are not sure what Ford intended it for but it is sturdy and useful for this purpose.  We removed the stock bolts and replaced them with new U-bolts from Hellwig.


    1. Considering they were completly gone! We replaced them with new stock parts as well as some worn out stock bushings.

  1. Looks like a solid vehicle! Is this based off the F250/350 frame I presume?

    I really dig these stock wheels that come on the Excursions and F250’s from the same era. Soo cool.

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